"I met Alice in India, having little to none experience practicing yoga, and much desire to learn the practice. With a lot of patience and love, Alice made me an admirer. Hard not to get addicted to yoga with such a passionate teacher".


-Maya Doner (Israel), Leh, India, 2014. 



“I joined Alice’s class with my wife as we both needed to improve our flexibility, balance and core strength.  Whilst we consider ourselves relatively fit, as compared to most of our middle aged contemporaries, we did find the poses quite challenging to begin with.  Given it has been just a short time, under Alice’s careful guidance and encouragement we both believe that we are beginning to benefit and show improvement.


Alice has a clear passion for yoga which shines through and which she manages to channel into the sessions.  We both look forward to our weekly sessions."


-Peter Chesworth, (UK) Meadway Leisure Centre, Reading, UK, August 2015. 

"I met Alice on a bus in Nepal. The first thing I noticed about her was this amazing sense of calm that seemed to surround her (even as she embarked upon a somewhat difficult conversation concerning bus seats with a fiesty Nepalese bus driver).


This calmness really radiates in her yoga teaching. She tailors her lessons to the specific needs of individual students and is always gently encouraging them to reach new places. I had the privilege of trekking with Alice in the Himalayas, an experience neither of us will forget. Despite this immense physical challenge, no one could stop her from doing her yoga .. even on top of mountains. Alice really gave me a deep understanding of yoga during our time together in Nepal and never ceases to inspire me to do more."


- Rosie Garrard (UK), OM Family, Nepal, 2014